Is your Treadmill Making Noise? (Causes & Solutions)

Well, most treadmills emit a small amount of noise, which is to be expected when you have a motor, moving parts, rollers, and a greased belt working together.

But while a few annoying squeaks are to be expected, other noises can be a cause for concern.

The first thing to check for is loose components. You should also check to make sure that the belt and deck are aligned correctly, and that the rollers are turning smoothly.

Treadmill Making Noise? – Possible Causes

Dirty Treadmill Fan

Some treadmills might make noise if the fans are dirty.

The fan is typically used to keep your treadmill motor cool while running. It does this by drawing in the air into the motor component. This air usually has dust particles, pet hair, and carpet fiber which cling to the fan and the motor.

These dust particles have to be removed manually to keep the treadmill running smoothly and stop the treadmill noises.

Getting a good treadmill mat for a carpet will help reduce the chances of dust and carpet fiber entering the treadmill motor.

Treadmill Belt Centering Problem

Some treadmills might make noise if the belt is off-center. Read this post on how to solve the belt-centering problem.

Too little Treadmill Lubricant

Some treadmills might make noise if there is too little lubricant.

The best treadmill lubricant recommended by most manufacturers is 100% silicone. Check my post on the best lubricants for treadmills.

To lubricate a treadmill, follow the simple steps outlined in this post.

Worn out shocks

A good treadmill comes with shock absorbers. These protect your knees and ankles from shock when running. Treadmills might make noise if the shocks are worn out.

Exceeding Treadmill Weight Capacity

Treadmills come with recommended weight limits. Exceeding the treadmill weight limit will cause treadmill noise. Exceeding the weight limit will eventually break the treadmill down.

Treadmill Making Noise

When buying a treadmill, consider your weight and go for a treadmill that will comfortably handle your weight. If you are overweight, go for a heavy duty treadmill.

Parting Shot

If you suspect that the motor is making more noise than usual, then it’s time to call a professional to help you figure out what the problem is.

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