NordicTrack X32I Treadmill Review

NordicTrack X32I Treadmill Review

Although some people prefer outdoor workouts, sometimes it doesn’t work out, and treadmills are the only solution to a fit and healthy lifestyle. If you’re a trail runner or an ultrarunner, the NordicTrack X32I is a game-changer. This treadmill is designed for users who want to challenge their incline endurance and get holed with fitness … Read more

Horizon T303 Treadmill Review (Features, Pros and Cons)

Horizon T303 Treadmill Review

Horizon Fitness competes favorably with brands like NordicTrack and ProForm and creates a comprehensive line of treadmills that vary in features and price. These treadmills are designed to suit different users, from those who want a machine for intense running up to those who want a machine for light jogging and walking. The Horizon T303 … Read more

Horizon T202 Treadmill Review (Features, Pros, Cons)

Horizon T202 Treadmill Review

Are you looking for an affordable treadmill from a reputable fitness brand? Well, the Horizon T202 may be your best bet. Instead of falling for a treadmill from an unrecognized manufacturer, Horizon is a well-known and respected fitness equipment brand that doesn’t compromise on quality. Their T series treadmills are high-quality machines for those looking … Read more

Horizon T91 Treadmill Review (Features, Pros and Cons)

Horizon T91 Treadmill Review

Horizon treadmills come with a great combination of reliable, long-lasting components to ensure you get a model that suits your fitness level. The Horizon T91 is no exception. Although the T91 treadmill is ideal for beginners, it is not an entry-level treadmill. It has sufficient power and high-end features to satisfy even the most seasoned … Read more

Horizon T51 Treadmill Review (Features, Pros, Cons)

Horizon T51 Treadmill Review

Horizon Fitness is one of the leading brands in the fitness equipment industry today. One of the budget-friendly and most reliable treadmills by Horizon is the Horizon T51 treadmill. The Horizon T51 is a great introductory and budget-friendly treadmill if you’re just looking to walk or run. With so many great treadmills on the market … Read more

Sole F85 Treadmill Review (Features, Pros, and Cons)

Sole F85 Treadmill Review

Sole treadmills are well-known for their reliability and durability, and the Sole F85 is no exception. This treadmill is built for runners of different fitness levels looking for a powerful and high-quality that can withstand continuous use. Whether you like running for several miles or getting a quick run, this treadmill is built to last. … Read more