NordicTrack S25i Treadmill Review (Features, Pros, Cons)

If you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, or improve your cardiovascular fitness, a treadmill can be a good investment.

If you’ve never used a treadmill before, it can be intimidating. But the NordicTrack S25i is an easy-to-use treadmill with a powerful motor and a wide range of features, including a cooling fan, speakers, and the option to track calories burned and heart rate.

With one of the best warranties on the market, this treadmill is an excellent choice for both serious exercisers and fitness newbies.

NordicTrack S25i Treadmill Review

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Specs at Glance

Motor:2.75 CHP DurX™
Incline:0 to 12%
Running Area:(140x51cm)
Top Speed:22kph (13.7mph)
Weight Capacity:135kg (298lb)
Weight:92kg (203lb)
Dimensions:(W x L x H) 35.4”  x 78.7”  x 59.8”
Built-in programs50 programs
Warranty:Lifetime Frame Warranty10-year Motor Warranty2-Year Parts and Labour

What I Like:


The NordicTrack S25i treadmill offers a beautiful, sleek design. The machine weighs 270 pounds, which is heavier than some comparable treadmills.

It’s made of steel, not aluminum, so it wouldn’t take a hit if your treadmill is bumped.

This model is designed with a 2.75 CHP motor, 20 workout apps, 7-Inch Bluetooth Smart Enabled LCD Display.


The new NordicTrack S25i Treadmill comes standard with iFit Live Technology with a 30-day free trial subscription. This allows you to use Google Maps to map out a course anywhere in the world.

The treadmill can connect to iFit Coach, which allows the user to follow a preprogrammed workout schedule. It can also connect with iFit Live, a streaming television service, allowing you to conduct virtual workouts and stream the workouts to social media.

The NordicTrack S25i Treadmill also offers Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to pair your phone or tablet and stream music directly from your playlist or podcasts.

Ease of Use:

To test the treadmill’s functionality and ease of use, I walked around the neighborhood and worked out on hilly terrain. I then tested the S25i treadmill by walking on it at different speeds and inclines for 30 minutes. I also threw in some sprints and hill repeats to test the treadmill’s speed and responsiveness. The NordicTrack S25i passed both those tests.

It’s easy to use and beginner-friendly.

This NordicTrack treadmill features an easy-to-use 7.5-inch color display that makes viewing your workout stats and adjust your workout options as you work out.


The NordicTrack S25i treadmill is a mid-range machine that allows for several workout intensities.

Its console and interface make it easy to customize workouts, but the machine lacks some of the higher-end features found on more expensive treadmills.

The NordicTrack S25i treadmill offers four incline levels. The gentlest incline has a minimum incline of 0 percent; while the maximum incline is 12 percent.

The treadmill can be adjusted for speed up to 22kph (13.7mph). This makes it a perfect treadmill for both walking and running.

Exercise programs:

The NordicTrack S25i treadmill has 50+ workout programs, including 10 preset profiles. These profiles include target heart rate, weight loss and heart rate control.


If finding storage space is difficult, you might want to buy a treadmill that folds.

The s25i treadmill folds up easily to save space when not in use.

Weight Capacity:

NordicTrack S25i Treadmill can hold up to a maximum weight of 298 Pounds. This is enough weight capacity for big guys.


If you’re a serious runner, you owe it to yourself to invest in a treadmill. It’s the best way to get exercise at home, and with the NordicTrack S25i Treadmill, you can get the machine for around $1,000.

In fact, it’s our top-rated treadmill and our best overall workout piece of equipment.


This treadmill is covered by a lifetime warranty against structural defects, a 2-year warranty on all parts and labor, and a 10-year warranty on the motor.

What I don’t like

  • The display is not a touchscreen, and it is not big enough.
  • Unlike other treadmills, the NordicTrack S25i treadmill has no decline option.
  • The treadmill belt keeps coming off after using it for some times.
  • Although it is good and strong, they need to improve in quality, noisy.
  • The bluetooth function doesn’t work with mobile without the app.
  • The functions on the console aren’t well explained so to use most settings is complicated.
  • If you don’t pay for the iFit you won’t access some programs. (the treadmill comes with 30-day iFit trial)


Is a NordicTrack s25i treadmill worth it?

The NordicTrack S25i is one of the best treadmills for home. There is a reason this is the best-selling treadmill on the market – it has great features, excellent quality, and a great price!

You can keep fit in the comfort of your own home and still get all the benefits of a well-rounded gym experience.

What is the subscription cost for iFIT?

Since the NordicTrack S25i Treadmill has the iFIT you need to know how much it costs.

It depends on the plan and your preferred billing frequency. There are three options: a Yearly Family Plan for $396/yr; a Monthly Family Plan for $39/month.

Are NordicTrack treadmills hard to assemble?

No, but to make things easier on yourself, unpack your new fitness machine in the room where you will be using it.

NordicTrack S25i Treadmill Review

It is really awkward to have it fully assembled from the living room and start moving it to your workout place.

My Verdict

In summary, the NordicTrack S25i might be a good choice for someone who is not a treadmill connoisseur. You get a lot of features for a low price.

The outstanding warranty could save you money in the long run, as could the low maintenance.

However, if you want a treadmill with a larger running deck, better cushioning and a display that’s easier to read, you might want to shop around more before spending $1,000 on this unit.