Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer Review

The Nautilus E614 Elliptical trainer is a new device on the market, capable of handling plenty of different workouts. Intended to improve the user’s cardiovascular health without excessive strain on the user’s joints, through a long period of regular use, the E614 is a marvel of modern health engineering. While the motions it puts the user through seem simple, they have been proven in several scientific studies to improve the user’s cardiovascular health, improved their energy levels, and allowed them to increase their stamina, not just in physical activity, but also in everyday life.

Features of the Nautilus E614 Elliptical Machine:

Multi-programmable with Twin LCD displays

The Nautilus E614 Elliptical machine incorporates a pair of LCD windows that display thirteen different details of the user’s workout in real-time, meaning that when even one element of the user’s workout changes, they’re aware of it immediately. These details include the time spent working out, the distance traveled, and the calories they’ve burned during their workout, as well as an idea of the type of workout they’ve programmed into the device.

Indeed, the system comes with 25 built-in workout programs that use almost all 20 resistance levels and all six incline options. Additionally, these programs are able to be customized by the user, allowing for any manner of combining resistance and incline levels to provide a new and exciting workout once a user grows tired of the same old routine. One can also program-in fitness goals and watch their progress towards these goals via an app called MyFitnessPal on the Nautilus Connect website.

High-end Audio connectivity

What’s more, the system also works to prevent boredom by including a USB port and a port for a compatible MP3 player, as well as a shelf to hold up a tablet or book. Whether you want to read, watch a movie or listen to music while your work towards a better you, the E614 has got your entertainment of choice covered in multiple ways. The device also features acoustic chambered speakers built into the device’s console, allowing anything from songs to movies to be played in big, clear sound.

High Inertia Drive

Additionally, the system includes high inertia, a high-speed drive system that, when combined with a weighted flywheel, makes for a smooth, quiet workout, allowing you to hear anything from your favorite disco hits to your significant other telling you dinner is ready. On top of this, the ergonomically designed handles of the device include sensitive heart rate monitors that allow you to see exactly where your heart is going as you use the device.

Compact footprint designed for small spaces

When assembled, the Nautilus E614 Elliptical machine measures 71 inches by 28 inches by 70 inches, a compact machine that can fit into most home gyms with minimal trouble, be it as one machine out of several or the sole machine in a tiny space. Space concerns also drove Nautilus to include a built-in adjustable fan allowing the user to give themselves a good cool breeze during their entire workout to even out the heat and strain of a hard exercise session, a feature that simply can not be found on a jog around the block.

Full warranty from a recognized leader

Nautilus is a recognized leader in the field of exercise equipment and manufactures exercise bikes, treadmills, and other home gym equipment in addition to its line of elliptical machines. Compact and efficient, these devices are intended to give a vast array of different possible workouts in the smallest device the company can manufacture.

The company is so confident in its devices that it offers a thorough manufacturer’s warranty on the entire device, from the nearly indestructible frame to the mechanical and electronic parts and even the labor required to fix it if it breaks.

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer Review

Customer Opinions:

Over three-quarters of the customers who reviewed their purchase at rated the Nautilus E614 Elliptical Machine with 5 out of 5 Stars, using such phrases as “Engineering and Quality seem professional”, “Excellent value” and “Topnotch Elliptical”.

It was particularly noted that the warranty, although dependent upon the specific part at fault, did in the case of the frame, extend out to 10 years. A small percentage of customers have made use of this facility, mainly for squeaks and other noises after the machine was in use for some time. In most cases, those customers seem pleased with the instant response and fix/replacement actioned under the terms of the warranty.