Bowflex Elliptical Reviews (Features, Pros and Cons)

If you’re looking for an effective low-impact workout to get some cardio, you need to invest in an elliptical machine. These machines are not only designed to give your joints a break but also by upping your speed and resistance; you’re guaranteed a great workout that will keep your muscles burning and your heart pumping.

Although some people ignore cardio, they miss out on several health benefits. To upgrade your cardio game, you need to invest in a high-quality elliptical. It’s a reliable elliptical machine to have in your home gym if you’re nursing injuries when the weather isn’t conducive, or if you want to drop a few pounds.

If you’re looking for a reliable machine to help in strength training and improve your performance, Bowflex ellipticals could be for you. Here are some of the best Bowflex ellipticals to bolster your home gym.

Elliptical MachineWorkout ProgramsResistance LevelsPrice
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What to expect from a Bowflex elliptical

Bowflex is a reliable brand that offers quality elliptical designs with impressive features while also considering your space and budget.

If you’re concerned about the reliability of the Bowflex ellipticals, all Bowflex users get more bang for their buck. These ellipticals also come with a sleek design that’s easy to use and straightforward. Here’s what we like about Bowflex ellipticals.

What We Like:

  • Versatile: One of the best things about BowFlex Ellipticals is that they work with you on multiple levels. With these ellipticals, you’re guaranteed several cardiovascular benefits and strong muscles through resistance training. If you don’t like doing separate weight lifting but know how crucial it is, these machines will help you do both simultaneously. Bowflex ellipticals are very low impact, so they are perfect for those recovering from injury and want something easy on their joints.
  • Compact and Sturdy: When looking for a machine to use at home, you need it to be as sturdy and compact as possible. No one wants a shaky machine that feels like it could fall while using it. If you’ve limited space in your home gym, these machines are great options. However, the smaller you go, the less stable your machine will be.
  • Low Impact: Bowflex ellipticals are extremely low impact. They won’t burden your ankles, knees, hips, or lower back, so you can exercise in comfort and without pain. For those preparing for a race, this will be a key advantage. With a Bowflex elliptical, you will have up to 200% less impact on your joints compared to running outdoors.
  • Great Consoles: You should not ignore the consoles when looking for an elliptical. Bowflex outshines its competitors in this area. All their consoles are touchscreens that are easy to read and navigate and can be integrated with your favorite mobile apps. These consoles make your life much easier and allow you to save different users’ profiles.
  • Warranty Support: The warranties for Bowflex are quite exceptional. So if you’re looking for an elliptical with a lot of coverage, you will like what these machines have to offer.

What We Don’t Like:

Like most machines, Bowflex ellipticals have some drawbacks. Although it’s hard to point out the flaws in these models, here is what we don’t like about these machines:

  • Affordability: While some models are quite affordable, some of their models are quite expensive and out of reach for many.

Best Bowflex Elliptical Reviews

Bowflex M7 Max Trainer Series

Bowflex Max Trainer Series

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The Bowflex M7 Max Trainer Series is designed to challenge a wide range of trainees with extra training programs and other upgrades. Exercising on this elliptical can have zero impact on your joints. The M7 is a state-of-the-art trainer that provides a wide variety of effective built-in programs to keep you challenged.

This machine also comes in a compact size with wheels for easy storage. The console can hold up to four user profiles, making it a great home fitness equipment that can be shared among e and family. The Bowflex M7 Max is an innovative, high-quality, and result-driven machine that would be suitable for those looking for results without the risk of an injury that comes with traditional forms of exercise.


  • 11 workout programs
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Dual backlit LCD
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatible


  • It has enhanced handlebars for grip comfort
  • Zero impact design
  • Wide range of resistance levels and built-in programs
  • Fast calorie burn
  • Effective heart rate monitor


  • Assembly may be a bit tricky

Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Cardio Machine

Bowflex Max Trainer Series

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The M3 cardio machine is one of the most affordable Bowflex ellipticals. Although it doesn’t have all the features and programs in high-end models, it still offers zero joint impact and burns several calories in a short workout. This elliptical is designed to be compact and has integrated transport rollers for easy transportation.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 comes with 2 workout programs, Manual and Max Interval. Although it has a small number of programs compared to more advanced machines, these are the most popular programs. This machine gives you access to 8 resistance levels to adjust the intensity of your workouts. It also comes with a well-designed display with easy-to-read indicators for your burn rate and calories burned. What’s more, this elliptical has a one-year warranty to cover the whole machine.


  • 8 levels of resistance
  • 2 workout programs
  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • 2 user profiles


  • A compact machine with a small footprint
  • It has a unique design that burns several calories
  • Accurate heart rate monitor
  • Zero impact on your back, knees, and joints


  • Not programmable
  • Not Bluetooth compatible
  • No built-in speakers

Bowflex M8 Max Trainer Series

Bowflex Max Trainer Series

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The M8 Max Trainer is the flagship model of the Max Trainer Range and comes with the benefits of an elliptical combined with a stepper. This trainer is a high-end training machine designed and built to a high specification. Despite being feature-filled, this elliptical is very compact and offers a full-body workout with minimal space required when you need to use it.

The Bowflex M8 comes with 20 levels of resistance, meaning that you can choose something less strenuous or an intense workout. It has 7 pre-set programs and connectivity to the JRNY app, bringing more programs and additional functionality. This elliptical features enhanced dual-mode LCD displays that create the center-piece of the main console. The quick select buttons underneath the main display allow you to select your resistance levels or favorite workout quickly.

It has well-cushioned handles that allow you to focus on various upper body muscles. What’s more, it has Bluetooth heart rate compatible and integrated contact grips.


  • 7 guided workout programs
  • Trainer-led video workouts
  • 20 resistance levels
  • 300 lbs weight capacity


  • Multiple resistance levels
  • Compact size
  • Easy-to-read display


  • Short warranty

Bowflex Max Total

Bowflex Max Total

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The Bowflex Max Total is a full-body stair stepper and elliptical machine combined in a compact piece of fitness equipment, making it ideal for home workouts. This trainer offers the fluid motion of an elliptical with the calorie-burning benefits of a stair stepper. Although this trainer is expensive, you will get a lot of bang for your buck here, so it is a worthy machine if you want a low-impact trainer to condition and strengthen your major muscles.

Although this machine doesn’t have apps, the machine has 8 pre-programmed workouts, which are sufficient for users of any fitness level. It also comes with 20 resistance levels that will work for beginners and the most advanced exercisers. With the JRNY system, dynamic caching is made available to keep you motivated through the workouts.


  • 20 resistance levels
  • 8 built-in workout programs
  • Samsung-built HD touchscreen display
  • Bluetooth-compatible soundbar


  • Sleek design
  • Multi-position handlebars
  • Compact footprint


  • JRNY app requires a subscription


How to adjust stride on an elliptical machine

If you want to adjust the stride of your elliptical machine, turn the adjustment knob clockwise while pulling it outward until the pivot arm pivots freely. Then, pivot the adjustment arm, ensure that the adjustment knob is aligned with a hole in the handlebar leg, and release the knob gently. Ensure you adjust the other side of the machine.

What part of the body does an elliptical machine work?

An elliptical machine works on both the lower and upper body. When you use it correctly, this machine will target your hamstrings, glutes, back, chest, triceps, and core muscles.

Bowflex Elliptical Reviews

What is the difference between exercising on an elliptical machine versus a stationary bicycle?

One of the key differences between ellipticals and stationary bikes is that the former works on your whole body. Although most machines focus on your legs, ellipticals use your arms simultaneously, giving you more full-body control and a warm-up. However, ellipticals are not as intense for those who have trained and can handle the stress of other forms.

If you’re recovering from an injury, an elliptical is a great option because it can get your heart rate up without straining your joints. On the other hand, stationary bikes offer low-impact workouts but require less balance and coordination than an elliptical. Stationary bikes are not only for beginners but can also be used by people of different fitness levels. If you want a lower-body workout, stationary bikes are designed to focus on your quad and calves.


Bowflex ellipticals are compact and effective machines designed to help you get in shape fast. These ellipticals are made to keep you motivated and help you take your fitness to the next level. Overall, Bowflex trainers will work for anyone looking for high-intensity, low-impact workouts.