Best Exercise Ball for Heavy Person Reviews 2023

A quality exercise ball is a great tool that can be used to enhance your balance, stability, and even cardio. Although it was originally used in physical therapy, adding an exercise ball to your workout routine is the best way to support and intensify your exercises.

However, some people may wonder if it’s safe for obese or overweight to use a balance ball. Anyone can use an exercise ball, regardless of their body size. But to stay safe, it’s crucial to do some research before purchasing to ensure you get the right ball for your weight.

Honestly, no home gym is complete without a stability ball. For this reason, we’ve listed the 5 best exercise balls for heavy persons along with a handy buying guide that will help you find your perfect match.

Exercise BallMaterialWeight CapacityPrice
Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball Exercise BallLatex-Free PVC2,200 lbView
URBNFit Exercise BallRubber600 lbView
DYNAPRO Exercise BallEco-Friendly PVC2,200 lbView
arteesol Exercise Ball Yoga BallPVC1,100 lbView
Yoga Ball Chair, RGGD&RGGL Exercise BallAnti-allergy & Anti-burst PVC2,100 lbView

What is an Exercise Ball?

Exercise balls are affordable fitness tools that resemble large rubber balls. However, when incorporated into your basic workout routine, they help improve balance, stability, and endurance. They are ideal for building lean muscle mass. Balance balls can also be referred to as Swiss balls, stability balls, or fitness balls. They are ideal for many types of workouts, and one can use them for active seating at the working desk.

How Do You Use an Exercise Ball?

An exercise ball can be used in various ways, and since it doesn’t take up a lot of space, it is a great home workout tool. One way to use an exercise ball is as an alternative for a bench. If you’re used to working out using a stable bench, using a stability ball will need firing up your hip, core, and shoulder stabilizers in a new way.

Remember that because of the new requirement for stability, you should start by using less weight than you use on a bench. Exercise balls also help in exercises like abs or hamstring rollouts.


What Size of Stability Ball Should I Get?

Before you make a purchase or put your fitness ball to use, ensure you have the right size. Like other gym equipment, it’s crucial that your fitness ball fits your body. To get a perfect size, you should first determine your height. Before using the ball, ensure that you inflate your ball to the specified size. Generally, the heavier and taller you are, the bigger the ball that’s needed.

Can an Exercise Ball Explode?

No! A stability ball cannot burst under normal use and circumstances. The only time an exercise would burst is if you over-inflate it.
It is important to take precautions when using an exercise ball. Make sure you don’t over-inflate it and always check the seams for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice any problems with your ball, discontinue use immediately and contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

Can a Stability Ball Help You Lose Weight?

If you use a stability ball to perform cardio or aerobic workouts, you’ll lose weight. But simply sitting on it may improve your core, but the weight loss will be insignificant.

Is Sitting on a Balance Ball Good For Your Back?

Sitting on a stability ball for long intervals can lead to back strain. However, if you use your core and sit up straight for short intervals, this will be good for your back.

How Long Will a Gym Ball Stay Inflated?

The best heavy-duty stability ball will stay inflated for several training sessions. However, the exact time depends on the type of workouts, brand, and the time of each session. Ball inflation can also be affected by aspects like the temperature and humidity of your surrounding environment.

Is there a weight limit on exercise balls?

Yes, there is a weight limit on exercise balls, but the limit is high. The high weight limit of the exercise balls makes them appropriate for people of all weights.

Exercise Ball for Heavy Person Buying Guide

Are you interested in buying the best heavy-duty fitness ball but don’t know what to look for? Don’t worry. With the myriad of options out there to choose from, you need some tips on how to choose the right gym ball. Read on for in-depth tips that will make your purchasing journey a little bit easy.


An exercise ball won’t be of much use to you if it cannot last for long. A plus size exercise ball should be strong enough to maintain the air pressure inside them while withstanding the pressure from outside as well. You don’t want disappointments when the ball gets punctured or simply pops on you. The best exercise ball should be made up of tough and flexible material.

Ease of Use

A stability ball that gives you a hard time during workouts isn’t a good one at all. It should not take a lot of time to set up and should be easy to handle. A high-quality exercise ball does not need to be used with the constant fear of punctures.


The best heavy-duty exercise balls are made of thick and strong anti-burst materials, the sturdiest material being PVC plastic. PVC also offers a non-slip grip but can produce an off-putting smell. If you have health issues, look for stability balls made of BPA- and Latex-free PVC.

Burst Resistance

When buying an exercise ball, always check the label “anti-burst” or “burst-resistant.” Anti-burst means that your ball will deflate gently if punctured. To avoid disappointments, check the burst-resistant rating in the product information.

Right Size

Exercise balls vary in size. The right size is the one that allows you to make a perfect 90° when your feet are flat on the floor. Also, consider your weight because more weight means more pressure on the ball. To get the right size based on your height, use the manufacturers’ size charts.


Any type of air pump can inflate your exercise ball. Some models have a hand pump which makes them convenient for travel, but these pumps take a while to inflate the ball.


If you want a durable exercise ball to use when traveling, go for one that deflates and inflates quickly and has a small pump. Look for one that can be folded neatly, but pack it where it won’t be in contact with sharp objects.


Stability balls are not too expensive. You can get a high-quality one at an affordable price. However, you should set a budget to make your shopping easier.

Best Exercise Ball for Heavy Person Reviews

Trideer Exercise Ball (45-85cm) Extra Thick Yoga Ball Chair

Are you looking for an exercise ball for a heavy person that is made up of durable and strong materials? Look no further! The Trideer Balance Ball has a maximum pressure limit of 2200 lbs, thanks to its extra-thick PVC material. This material is free of heavy metals, BPA, and toxins. The pump that comes with the ball is easy to use and inflates your ball in no time. Additionally, it has a textured surface to minimize slippage and improve grip.

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  • Anti-slip design
  • 6 color options
  • Non-toxic PVC material
  • 2200 lbs weight capacity


  • Easy to inflate
  • High weight capacity
  • Easy to operate pump
  • It retains air well


  • Some users complain that it does not inflate to its stated size

URBNFit Exercise Ball (Multiple Sizes) for Fitness

If you want to vary your workout routine with a versatile stability ball, the URBNFit Exercise Ball is worth a look. This is among the most popular exercise balls on the market, thanks to its non-slip and anti-slip PVC material. This exercise ball can withstand up to 2000 pounds, making it an ideal choice for all kinds of exercise, including weighted exercises. This ball is also great for beginners since it comes with a digital workout guide. What’s more, it’s easy to inflate and has a handy hand pump.

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  • 9 color options
  • Professional quality PVC material
  • Dual-action inflation air pump


  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Anti-burst surface
  • High-quality material that guarantees durability
  • It does not slip on the floor


  • It leaks air quickly

DYNAPRO Exercise Ball

The DYNAPRO Exercise Ball is a heavy-duty and ergonomic stability ball that comes in three different sizes. With this ball, you’re guaranteed a thick and safe tool, thanks to its non-toxic PVC material.

The heavy duty exercise ball can withstand up to 2000 lbs that relieve you of the headache of accidental bursting. Additionally, it comes with a matte surface with horizontal ribbing, making it super grippy.

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  • 6 color options
  • 2275 micrometers thickness
  • PVC material


  • Thick and strong material
  • Has sufficient grip
  • Four size options
  • Durable


  • Poor quality pump
  • It may not retain air for long

arteesol Exercise Ball Yoga Ball

The arteesol Exercise Ball Yoga Ball is made of eco-friendly and durable materials that do not contain toxins, heavy metals, or BPA. It has a maximum pressure limit of 1100lbs, making it ideal for heavy guys. It comes with a honeycomb texture that gives it an impressive look, makes it non-slip, and enhances its grip.

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  • 13 color options
  • Honeycomb structure
  • Non-rubber PVC
  • 1100lbs weight capacity


  • High grip and non-slip design
  • 1-year warranty
  • Versatile
  • Easy to inflate
  • Good customer service
  • High-quality material


  • Sticky surface

Yoga Ball Chair, RGGD&RGGL Exercise Ball

If you’re looking for a tough exercise ball that prioritizes robustness, this is a great option. The Yoga Ball Chair, RGGD&RGGL Exercise Ball is made of high-quality vinyl and is 1.5 thicker than ordinary yoga balls. This design makes it ideal for heavy guys.

The thick surface makes it strong enough to support over 2100lbs of pressure. It has a smooth, slip-resistant, and easy-to-clean vinyl material. Additionally, this exercise ball has two adjustable resistance bands, which help you get the best out of it.

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  • 2 adjustable resistance bands
  • 65cm size
  • 11 color options
  • Anti-burst PVC material


  • Non-slip surface
  • Odor-free and non-toxic material
  • Extra-thick
  • Easy to clean
Best Exercise Ball for Heavy Person Reviews


  • The long resistance bands are not ideal for short guys
  • Low-quality pump


Exercise balls are great for working out and keeping you in tip-top shape. To choose the best exercise ball for a heavy person, consider the weight limit, texture, size, and thickness.

Choose one from the heavy duty exercise balls reviewed above and make your workout routine enjoyable.